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Thread: Gameports On Nforce2 Mb's

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    Hi, been trying to select hardware to build a new system and while I am sort of hung up on the XP Barton multiplier unlocking thing(and which board to get- leaning to Abit AN7 as it has good ratings and software everything) But when I went to pick it up, I was introduced to the AlbatronKX18D Pro II, which kicked some butt in reviews AND has a game port. So is a game port of any value in a new board? I have the old Suncom HOTAS and a Logitec Analog wheel that I want to use but CAN I?
    I really like the ABIT board but it is $50 more and has no gameport. OTOH, the Albatron has a port but is mostly jumper controlled. GRRRRrrrrRRRR
    Any help/advise is appreciated. Thanks
    Brand new here and looking for quick help. What about that AMD lock crisis?

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    bigdawgfoxx's Avatar Big Dawg
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    You can usually just plug in a card in a PCI slot and plug it into the mobo and it has a serial and parallel plug, I THINK thats a gameport and what your talking aboutl. Thats what my Asus A7N8X has.
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    Livy's Avatar Simpleton
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    if yuou use a seperatre sound card it may have a gameport on it. as they usually are part of the sound side im sure.

    what about the asus. a7n8x

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    yea as livy said... some soundcards have a game port...

    i dont think its used anymore, so dont think it has any value at all (except the maybe 25 dollars for the sound card lol)

    btw happy new year


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