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Thread: I'm Fed Up

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    I'm so angry I decided to rant here. My stupid Telco is so dumb and ignorant they wont give me DSL because I'm too far and I dont get any cable service because I don't know why but I don't have Cable TV and I won't get cable internet. Satellite is awfully slow and expensive and ISDN is a term my Phone company doesnt know. T1 and T3s are WAY WAY out of my price range in the $400/mo.

    So I'm left to live out the remaining years of my life without broadband and I'm going to tear my hair out and die.

    Just thought I'd share...

    Having dialup SUCKSS

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    cable areas are getting bigger, wait a few months maybe half a year - a year and you will be able to... patients

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    Why cant you get dsl if your to far ??

    Your exchange cant be that far from your house can it ??

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    Thanks Marius and I hope your right...

    Well my phone company is awful. Its Frontier...formerly Citizens. They have a stranglehold in this area where I live...It was once rural...but its not now...there are over 950-100 houses (new developments near my house). But since Frontier is the only TelCo they don't worry about competetion or try to provide us with DSL or anything else. I live in Sacramento, CA and apparently SBC or Verizon or anyone else can't come in this area. There is no competition so theres no progress. Its saddenning. But I do hope Cable comes soon...But comcast won't ever tell me...sigh ;(

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    I'm about 12 miles from the ONLY CO providing my "area"

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    Why not Highspeed internet cable?

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    Why not Highspeed internet cable?

    Earthlink has highspeed cable and etc. Or try satellite.

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    You could always get all the people who want broadband be they business or home to sign a petition write letters, bring it up at a local council meeting basiclly annoy the company to give it to your area, this does work in Australia at least.

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    Why not Highspeed internet cable?

    Earthlink has highspeed cable and etc. Or try satellite.
    Yeah...I don't even have Cable TV...I have no Cable running to my sucks...wanna know whats worse? My 56k connects to the crappy phone lines @ 28K...not even 56 or 48k...its awful! But I will check that site out but I dunno we have no local Cable company lol. Satellite has these stupid FAP rules (Fair Access Policies) You can only download about a 2 megs before they cut ur D/L speed in half...its awfulll....ayayayayayaay I guess I should try the local council meeting...if there even is one! LOL Im screwed ;(

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    Ugh i've lived here for like 20 years too...I dont think cable is expanding fast enufff they had plenty of tttiiimmeee


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