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Thread: I Changed The Name!

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    Is there anyway that i can find out what it was? Does a specific file have a specific "download1232424354"? Please can someone tell me. The download was finished but the game wasn't turning into an exe file, i found out that i changed the folder it was downloading to. I knew what i had to do to make it work but i changed the name of the dat file. So it was too late. Anyone know? PLEASE TELL.

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    try changing the extension to a .dat extension and place in in your kazaa download folder and restart kazaa. whatever name should work as kazaa works with .dat and not the name of the file i guess.

    not sure if it will work. post here if it does.

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    change the extension of the original file to dat and move it out of the download restart the download once again, this is in order to obtain a new dat file for same use kazaa corruption fixer to fix your original file your download will resume and also for dr spuds site in google for documentation regarding KCF(kazaa corrup...........)you will get a link to download KCF from the same can also download it from here.


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