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Thread: Burning Avi's

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    how would i burn 3 seinfeld episodes that are avi on to cd so i can watch them on my DVD player, i tried using TMPG just the wizard and burning a VCD with nero but its really bad quality and the sound makes funny noises sometimes, and these blocks appear on the screen and on the second episode about 5 mins into it all these blocks came up and it just froze. Is it possible to burn more than one avi onto cd coz ive seen alot of guides but there just for movies. or does anyone know where i could get VCD format TV eps. But i allready got heaps of avi's so any help would be nice.

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    the blocks are compression artifacts - it means that you compressed the AVI file too much to get it on the cd. Try toning down the settings a little and it should help - you'll probably get just the one episode a CD without artifacts, vcd's aren't known for having great capacity. If you squeeze 2 on, you'll still get artifdacts, although not as many as you will with three on there. :/

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    What's the recommended bitrate?

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    1150 kbit/sec

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    Originally posted by shoutman@4 January 2004 - 00:32
    1150 kbit/sec
    , so wait, i could get better quality if i used this bitrate for kvcd's? cuz i use 800 (i have no idea what that means, i just found it on a site and it said it was the "recommneded" bit rate for average/good quality. i'll give it a shot, btw, it's kvcd's that i'm burning so will that make the quality good or worst?

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    Originally posted by shoutman@4 January 2004 - 08:32
    1150 kbit/sec
    That's the standard bitrate for regular VCD's.


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