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Thread: Klite Won't Cancel D-load & "not Sharing Files"

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    Hi folks!
    Hey could someone help me? Heres the deal:
    I cannot cancel a download. When I do, the only action I get from clicking the mouse on anything is 'ding', and thats it. I have reinstalled it so many times and have done the usual necessary precautions such as removed all leftover anything, including whatever is in the 'my shared folder'. And of course nothing in the registry. Can't figure it out.
    Also, there is a new thing: I get "not sharing any files' when I am connected. I WANT to share files! Anybody out there in share-land know whats up with this stuff? .

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  3. File Sharing   -   #2
    what version are you using

  4. File Sharing   -   #3
    u probably got a virus

  5. File Sharing   -   #4
    I am using version 2.41, though it is the same on 2.43 and 2.40


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