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Thread: Cd-rw Drive

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    At some point in time when I was messing with my computer I remember getting a dialog box stating this CD-drive would have no driver.

    I ignored it since I wasn't doing anything related to my CD-drive.

    And sure enough my CD drive still worked. Or so I thought.

    I looked at my drives drivers and they are microsoft issued. I un-installed them and the same one were installed again that probably come with windows XP.

    My problem is that I am trying to burn music to CD-RWs that will play on pickier devices. Such as my Car CD player or my even my home stereo won't recognize the disc's.

    They play fine in my PC, and in the past I know I have burned music that will play in both devices, won't skip, and doesn't sound like crap.

    I am wondering if my drives drivers are causing the difference.

    How would I go about finding out what type of CD-RW drive is in my computer (with out digging through a manuel)? Under device manager it is just listed as an LG-(bunch or letters and numbers) drive.

    Is there a place to get updated drivers. Do drivers make any difference when burning music?


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    google the letters and #'s for info on who made it
    as far as the drivers causing your trouble, I don't think that could be it at all, some time older cd players are picky, you should try burning @ a slower speed and maybe change programs, I like if you are not already using it

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    Why are you burning to CD-RW disks?
    Wouldn't CD-Rs work better?
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Clocker me thinks you solved his problem. I know i have to becareful shareing
    programs with friends who have older computers. Older cdplayers dont read cdrw be they home, car or computers. Use cdr for music, cdrw for backing up.

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    It must just be picky drive in my XBOX.

    It was widely believed that CR-RWs worked in the XBOX when CD-Rs did not.

    I guess I have dispelled that myth.

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    Ya your right tryed a cdrw music disk in my xbox no workee either fuking microsoft.But I thought you where talking about a cdplayer?


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