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Thread: Desperate Share Request!

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    Hello All who read this,

    Its a last ditch attempt. I've just tried for 48 hours to get Edonkey, Overnet or Emule going on My Mac (Virtual PC) But with no luck. I am a kazaa lite user and I wanted to get an edonket file from . You need to use the search function in the site.... Its a file called 'Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane' (I know its porn, which I dont normally bother with, but this girl is amazing&#33. Problem is, there's only a few users with it on kazaa.... so what Im trying to do, is get as many people as possible to d/l it on edonkey (It will be worth it) and share it on Kazaa, so I can get it. There are only a couple of people with it on Kazaa. Otherwise, It would be great if someone knew how to share it as a bit torrent file.
    Guys.... This girl is the spitting image of Jaime Pressly! Go get this file! Please
    Do it for your country!

    Cheers Guys!


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    Originally posted by ginguitar@6 January 2004 - 02:23
    Do it for your country!

    why cant you get emule goin?
    not made for mac? (that sucks dude)
    try a request in movie world, someone may have it
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    Just reformatted over Christmas and didn't even bother installing KL.
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