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Thread: Can't Delete Duff File

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    Could somebody tell me how to get rid of a divx file in my shared folder.
    I've downloaded a divx copy of finding nemo but (as usual) when I viewed it.................... it wasn't that film at all so, rather than somebody else doing as I did & wasting a day getting said film, I thought I'd delete it but oh no, "can't delete the file as it's being used by somebody else etc...." I tried re-booting into safe mode (XP Pro) but still couldn't delete it, I used task manager to shut down all but the most essential apps needed to keep windoze breathing.... but still to no availe
    Anybody got a clue. :helpsmile:

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    Right click here and save target as. When the file is downloaded right click the file and choose install.

    Then delete Your file.

    Or try this:

    In Windows XP You can delete the file this way:

    Start -> Run -> Command -> cd c:\YOUR FOLDER NAME -> del YOUR FILE.avi


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    Nice one it worked at treat, many thanx.


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