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Thread: Getting > 200 Kbs Sustained From 1 User!

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    wow, I've never gotten that kind of speed from one particular user!

    my question is, is there a way to add him to favorites, or something like that so next time he's online I can d/l from him? Or, just in case he gets cut-off, I can resume from that particular user?

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    The users info is normally stored in the dat (see the KDat tool and you will see source info) however as this is based on IP address, which for most people changes every time they disconnet/reconnect then that may not help. But I think the proper answer is no (sadly) however you should keep a note of that user name, and maybe send message to user to see if they want to give you any more details like what supernodes they connect to etc.

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    yea, that's what I thought. But speaking of kdat, I noticed that I had a few sources for that file that were even higher speeds than the other guy... Is there a way to manually selectively connect to sources found in kdat?

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    this is my problem also, is there anyway i can choose manually who i download from by those saved in kdat? if not what is kdat for?

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    guy if those sources are available then klite would connect to them and download from them too. there is no reason for you to do it manually


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