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Thread: Pls Help Me Get Rid Of Norton Fw03!

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    okay so I was havin problems with I installed Norton Internet fw03 6.0 retail...well that was givin me problems with my p2p I tried to unistall it through add/remove progs in control panel...then it stalled half way unistallation and i had to reset. So I tried it again and it was missing from the add/remove progs. Tried to unistall through the start menu- norton fw-uninstall fw....and it said it would only unistall installed progs. So I tried to install it again, and it said I must remove all other vers b4 installing....which brings us back full do I get this piece of shit firewall off my pc?? Please help asap!

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    also I tried to choose a system restore point b4 installing norton, but that aint workin either.

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    system restore isnt the best approach to uninstalling
    if the uninstaller isnt working, you'll have to do it manually
    go to c: program files and delete it
    or you could search for all files named norton in the windows explorer search
    and delete from there
    then run a reg cleaner
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    thanks problem solved

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    Nortons wouldnt stop a determined 5 year old

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    Originally posted by DVD PIRATE III@7 January 2004 - 07:02
    Nortons wouldnt stop a determined 5 year old
    Well, if you have a kid, you'd know that nothing stops a determined 5-year-old.

    As a registry cleaner, I would use RegSeeker
    Just in case anyone cares. hehehe
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