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Thread: Bittorrent Freezing!

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    I've been using BT for just over a month now and have had no probs until this past week. I like to start a download and leave it over night to re-seed enough. When I go to look at it in the morning it is frozen after only downloading for about two hours. When I cancel it and try to resume the torrent it says permission denied. The only way I seem to get back on is to turn the pc off and try again later. This is happening with every torrent I try to download.

    I get torrents from super nova

    I have also been getting errors on tracker when first attempting to connect recently, but not on all torrents.

    Is anyone else having these probs, is there anything I can do to fix??? plz help

    Ps . I just forgot, the last two torrents I have tried to download are staying on yellow but I am uploading loads but my download is crap even though it has been on for a while. I have zone alarm pro and have configured it to allow ports for bt??
    It has always gone to green in the past and download speed slowly increased

    Would there be any point in changing clients or re downloading my current one??

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    There has been a lot of problems lately with Suprnova trackers, they have been crashing and not working properly,

    The yellow means you are behind a firewall, but you can still download, and upload, I get green sometimes but mostly Yellow, its no big deal on which of the two colors its on,
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    Hmm... sometimes, when I leave torrents overnight, I wake up and they aren&#39;t connected, and I can&#39;t even go online&#33; But that is because I use a wireless access point and it can get overloaded from time to time, and I unplug it for a minute and plug it back in and everything is okay.

    But it&#39;s probably Suprnova&#39;s trackers, if you don&#39;t use wireless access.

    ::waiting for new wireless access point to come in::

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    apartment building ?

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    cheers guys, I&#39;m not on a wireless and was just concerned as evrything has worked fine until now.

    If it&#39;s supernova&#39;s trackers - which other torrent sites am I best off using, I don&#39;t know many as i&#39;ve always stuck to suprnova. I just don&#39;t want to register on all these different torrent sites if they are no good, I mainly download movies and tv series&#39;

    I tried to connect after disconnecting ZApro and went straight to green so it must be my fire wall. I know u say that it is ok to be on yellow but my download speeds do seem to have decreased - is this due to being on yellow or is it the tracker?? I have never had probs getting to green&#33;

    Sorry for being a pain but I&#39;m pretty new to BT and want to make sure I am using it properly &#33;

    Thanks again for any help u could give&#33;&#33;


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