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Thread: I Just Don't Get It

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    well not a virus a trojan backdoor Istbar.AM or something

    couldn't find much about it on google but I have AVG7
    AND norton firewall AND a nat linksys router

    aren't these progs suppose to protect you?

    it's my fault I know how I got it-going on sites I nva hear of
    and dl Maxp2 mods I think

    I should have known when my firewall stated an invalid ip destination addy
    I checked the intruder and it was my ip addy

    anyways its still there avg won't get rid of it but it dectects it.

    what trojan scanner can I get cause it seems like I need one

    frustratingly insecure,


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    well 90% of all virus's on a computer are from the user...its very unlikely that a virus can jsut apear, it has to be downloaded

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    get the full name of the virus and search here

    itll give ya manual removal instructions most likely
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    Nortons sucks and AVG7 doesnt scan for trojans last time I checked

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    Download The Cleaner is shareware but if you want to get rid of the trojan , try it.

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    I actually had the cleaner running.
    scanned and...nothing.

    when it came across the file avg picked it up but the cleaner ignored it.

    yeah I have the latest db.

    I ran adaware and I think I erased it.
    now I'm gonna erase my cookies and tmp files since
    that is where it's located.

    then scan with nod32

    I'll let you know.

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    is it this one Info

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    something like that

    avg called it downloader trojan Istbar.AM

    but I got rid of it though



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