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Thread: New Anty Spyware Tool

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    Tried right now , i founded what ad-aware and Spybot missed .

    X-Cleaner Free

    XCleaner is a privacy tool suite that detects and removes installed spyware and adware components and includes tools to securely delete files, edit the registry, disable startup programs and more. Additional features include IE home page protection, cookie, cache and history cleaning, built-in password generator and more. This free version also contains some additional feature options, however they are disabled and require upgrade to a full version. The spyware and adware scanning as well as many cleaning features however can be used freely.


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    Thanks Shared

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    FvKin GeniuS :D
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    WOW this prog rocks WTF is up with adaware cant pick shit up like this can
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    oops, forgot to say thanks SH
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    Thanks, downloading right now


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    Nice program but the GUI kinds sucks.

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    Thanks, it sure looks a little impressive.
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    This picked up some stuff Adaware and SpyBot missed.

    Thanks for the link SH.

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    Hey sh, do you still have that file which makes Kazaa hashes opera compatiable. Thnx.

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    J/K thanks for the program sh.

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