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Thread: K Lite Won't Connect

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    I am using Kazaa 2.4.3
    It always says 'Connecting' What is wrong???

    (Also: I have Dial-up, Windows XP, and Aol 9.0)

    Please help! :helpsmile:

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    Have you tried searching through the posts on this that have all ready been answered?theres at least a million of them

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    I have the exact same problem as you dude, same version, dial up, and AOL 9.0 and i asked the same Q, I cant find any post that answers this, i tried everything they suggested in other post not realted.

  6. File Sharing   -   #5
    Just today I had the same connect problem, but I have ADSL & no AOL.

    It started when I moved some DAT files back into my Shared Folder. I moved the DAT files back out, reinstalled the software over the old and it worked. I think one of the DAT files may have been corrupt and corrupted 1 or more app files somehow, or corrupted the Registry.


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