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Thread: Wife Kills Husband In Testicle Attack

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    could the victim possibly have had a more fitting name than Ouch?


    Wife kills husband in testicle attack
    From correspondents in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    A WOMAN in Cambodia has given herself up to authorities after accidentally killing her husband in a scuffle in which she squeezed his testicles until he fainted, newspaper reported.

    Saut Chin, 46, was fed up with physical abuse from her husband when she grabbed his testicles until he passed out in the incident Tuesday, the Rasmei Kampuchea (Light of Cambodia) newspaper reported.

    Fearing that her husband, Ouch Yan, 52, might regain consciousness and start beating her again, Saut Chin tied his neck with a scarf to a bed, the newspaper said.

    The exact cause of Ouch Yan's death was not known.

    The incident occurred in a village near Sihanoukville, a port city 185 kilometres southwest of Phnom Penh, news reports said.

    Saut Chin and her husband Ouch Yan, 52, were arguing when the husband then kicked his wife's sexual organ, the reports said.

    "Hurt badly and fed up, she grabbed her husband's testicles and squeezed them with full strength until he fell unconscious on the spot," Rasmei Kampuchea said, citing police reports of the woman's confession.

    After discovering that her husband was dead, Saut Chin reported herself to local authorities and asked to be jailed. She said she had not intended to kill her husband "but only to teach him a lesson," according to the newspaper.

    The Associated Press

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    The sad thing is She'll probably get in a lot of trouble.

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    I remember reading about someone who cut his scrotum trying to shave and bled to death. Nasty way to go.

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    Originally posted by Judge_Judy@12 January 2004 - 20:40
    I remember reading about someone who cut his scrotum trying to shave and bled to death. Nasty way to go.
    holy fuck!!!

    theres this one guy who castrated himself cuz he believed that his dick made him do sins

    he survived

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    Originally posted by Virtualbody1234@12 January 2004 - 23:19
    Ouch Yan!

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    Hope its not a male judge :

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    Don't you love Darwinism?

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    The wanka deserved it

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    Originally posted by Evil Gemini@17 January 2004 - 09:43
    The wanka deserved it
    i second that

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