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Thread: Alien Vs. Predator

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    Hey I got alien vs. Predetor for Xbox. I looked on every cheat site and they all gave me the same chetas. Unfortunaly I could never get it to work. Anyoe know whats wrong or the proper cheats?

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    dont cheat and enjor your game
    or if your to crap to compleat it go HERE and search for a FAQ

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    Dec 2003
    did you open this topic just to get flame at?

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    people can flame me all they want. The game itself isnt all that good and theres absolutely no storyline. Though the idea and format are pretty good. Thus id like to enjoy messing around with the game. I plan to sell it within the week and id like to get the most out of it. How do you get the most out of a game very fast. cheat. Thus they can have their elitists opinions all they want.

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    If I recall on the PC it was awesome the second one was better.

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    no its diff on xbox. its not a shooter at all but more of a weird strategy.

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    Are you talking about AvP: Extinction?

    Thought that sounded strange, I didn't think any of the shooters were released on the consoles.

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    ya my bad thats what i meant. I dint really like the shooters


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