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Thread: Converting

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    I've got a slight problem. I have an tv show, 40 mins or so long, when I I convert it using TMPGEnc my system wont read it at all, while usualy I have no problems, when I convert it using EOvideo, I get the first 2 minutes. Now, I've re-dl'd this same sho twic witht the same results, any knows fixes?


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    r u trying to burn a (s)vcd or do you just want to watch it in mpeg format?

    If u can't your windows media player to work you might need the right codec.

    xvid codec

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    What format is the file originally? Are you able to view it before converting? I'm guessing it's .wmv. Somebody posted a similar message a few days ago and it's probably the same bad file.

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    I'm trying to convert it to burn to DVD, the file is in mpeg but I cant figure out if its 1 or 2, thats why I'm wanting to convert it to MPEG1.

    P.S. : THE DUDE I didnt get a chance to look for those pages yet, got called in to work, WOOHOO for days off

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    Originally posted by Draconos@14 January 2004 - 15:12
    P.S. : THE DUDE I didnt get a chance to look for those pages yet, got called in to work, WOOHOO for days off
    Don't sweat it man u should be getting wasted on your day off not doing other peoples dirty work anyways.

    open up the file in media player if it's in VCD format the res should be 312 x 240.

    u can determine this by going to File in the top left hand corner of your media player and scrolling down to properties.

    u could try using nero to burn the disc as a vcd if the format is mpeg 1 it should just burn on it's automatically if not it may try to convert it for u. if u see a menu that comes up that gives u choices:

    Re-encode file as vcd file.

    Ignore standard compliance and encode anyway.

    Try both of those options.

    This site is where I get most of my info.

    good luck


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