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Thread: Help,my Downloads Can't Be Found!

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    i use to have a klite++2.4.3,but it simply isnt connecting,so i dwnloaded Clean KMD,and from there has been fine.while downloading a big file leftover from my klite++ days,i encountered this frustrating problems of mine,that file is 70% complete when it dissappeared and has not been heard err..dwnloaded since.Okey,i let that one pass and me has gone back to my merry ways of kazaa when just after a day,bam!another big file download of mine has gone puff....gone! where did it go and i really really want to get it back.PLS.HELP! :helpsmile:

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    This may sound stupid, but have you tried using the windows search function?

    Just tell it to search for download*.dat, and move any matches that show up in odd places back to c:\my shared folder (or whatever your shared dir is). The * is a wildcard - it basically tells the search function that theres extra letters or numbers in there but you don't know what they are. Alternatively, search for download??????????????????.dat (18 ?'s - there are 18 'missing numbers'.)

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    Have you had any successful downloads since changing versions? You may wish to make sure that you have correct directory showing in your options.

    Also, it wasn't the same file you were downloading was it, as it may just be a corrupt file.

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    Yeah, if a download is ment to go to i.e. C:\My Shared Folder and such folder doesn't exist then a download is deleted.


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