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Thread: New Startpage For K++!

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    Ok, here you can have a look on a new startpage I developed from the original one: I added some new good links as well as some links where you can relax during sharing while looking at Art images.

    And on my Startpage there is a link to download my catalog which contain informations of all my stuff of 70GB on my 170CDs.

    ...::: sFgI Inc. presenting :::...

    Startpage online:

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    It looks good, but It's a little big. I might suggest cutting some of the links to sites that everybody knows about or ones that just don't work very well. I would cut out the link to Norton (it links back to the trend micro site), Amazon, Ebay, Lycos, CDDB, Yahoo, Winamp, and google (you have the option of doing a google search from inside kazaa already). Also the red word "shouldn't" is kind of hard to read against the blue blackground. I really like the light blue background instead of the current white that i have on 2.4.4. It makes it a lot easier to read, and a little more pleasing to the eye. Also why is there a link to a site that we shouldn't go to?
    Keep up the good work


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    And what about a link to this board? I took the start pages from 2.4.3 and put them in the KL I'm using now just for that link!

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    some of the links dont work

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    Downloads & Informations (by sha're@KaZaA) is a bit useless....
    and you should delete some links to make it fit without having to use the scroll.


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    Originally posted by Bandit-Biker@15 January 2004 - 08:25
    And what about a link to this board? I took the start pages from 2.4.3 and put them in the KL I'm using now just for that link!
    I could see a link to this board, in the top-right corner, although it was the old address and not the address.

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    I think it looks very nice, the style is great!!! B)

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    Originally posted by entropista@15 January 2004 - 11:36
    some of the links dont work
    just picked two random links and they are wrong, please recheck them all:

    K-Lite (reconstructed site) - gives a 404 error
    Norton Antivirus - links to TrendMicro HouseCall

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    First I make this site for me, just do not want to have the default startpage and all site links I love much...

    Then, posting only important links: Many stuff is already discussed on the board so it is ok, when I just put the adress of the board there - on the klboard you can then search the older posts.

    K-Lite Site (re...) : Yeah, I know I have had to delete it from there, cause I upload some images instead for Skweeky and my gmxhome (very fast) only offer 10mb.

    Some links won't work? which ones? tell me please! PM me! PM me!

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    The link to your downloads archive ( dcn30-لل2.exe ) doesnt work either. other then that I LIKED the page

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