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Thread: Connecting.......problems!

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    trying to dload 24 series 1 ep 9 onwards have had no problem with first 8 but now on 9 it comes up 4 and then 5 users but stays saying connecting wivout downloading wen it finally does its usually 0.5kbs or something stupid.

    i have 512k connection and am usuing kazaa lite resurrection 2.4.7

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    Hi Ratman316

    So it doesn't say Remotely queued? If there are just a few users You might have to wait long in the queue... And if You're in the queue You might make matters worse by trying to improve things. At least it has happened to me...

    You can check that the program is running OK by search for some extremely popular song and start downloading that after You have found 40-50 users. If that download works OK than the program is doing fine.

    You can try to leave Auto Search More on for a long period of time to collect the available sources.

    Sometimes it can take days (actually weeks) to get some rare item but suddenly someone with a good connection and only a few uploading slots have a slot free and things happen fast. Just leave the computer running...

    Just my two cents...


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