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Thread: My Kazza Is Not Connecting Help!

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    OK, never been on here b4, never had any trouble with Kazza lite until now. I'm currently running kazza 2.1.0 (klitekpp210b3e.exe). Any way, installed XP and started puting DC++ and kazza back in. But none of them would connect up. My Norton fire wall was allowing both programs access. So could not figure out why they would not work until I realised XP has its own firewall that was on. Turned this off and now DC++ works great. I thought Kazza would work aswell. But it still does not coneect up.

    Any advice or information would be good.

    Is kazza lite not working anymore.

    Do we have to pay for it like the main website is suggesting.

    If we do have to pay for it, is there some form of crack for the software.

    If not is there anything like the kazza lite I can use as an alterative.

    Thank you for your time

    :helpsmile: :helpsmile: :helpsmile: :helpsmile: :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    First off - NO - you do not have to pay for KLite although you may wish to update your version to latest version (last official version 2.4.3). Then try again. If you have disabled XP firewall, do you have any other firewalls as will also need top make sure they enable Klite access.

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    cheers cyril,

    2.4.3 is in and working now, guess the old version didn't want to play ball any more.


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