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Thread: Elections In United States: President Candidates!

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    Guest US President!

    How this work:

    1) Everyone can make a suggestions or vote for president, you only must have the following requirements:

    - Living in the United States
    - Being Married
    - Not Being A Criminal (except sharing&#33.

    2) Personal description and political program (in points) in a short summary!
    3-4 Sentences. Making a banner 468x50. pixels.

    3) After a few candidates, a Moderator could make a Poll

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Have fun and laugh during election!

    I am sorry not to live in the US, so that I can't vote for president.
    I will be online on Sunday and look through all Applies and will tell who could be president.

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    Spider_dude's Avatar cawk BT Rep: +4
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    under the sea
    this is racialist, against europeens.

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    Originally posted by Spider_dude@16 January 2004 - 18:43
    this is racialist, against europeens.
    and criminals have rights too!


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