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Thread: Just My 2penno' Worth

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    For quite a while I have been using Klite from version 2.1 upto 2.4.3. And now (just lately) all of a sudden KLite 2.4.3 just continually crashes. I even tried CleanKMD, but that did the same, as as did Klite R2.7 or whatever it is called, Resurrection, I think.
    I put all my shared and downloaded files into a temp folder on the root of a drive, ie M\temp, but it still crashed.....aaaarggggh!

    So, then I found an older version, 2.1, and it has been running for 3 days now without crashing once.

    Anybody know why this is?

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    Yeah, I know why now!
    I did some experimenting with Klite 2.6Pr. I installed it and let it choose its own default shared folder. Result was it did not crash; then I changed the shred folder to the temp one I created ages ago, and has some .dat files in from partially completed downloads. Result was it crashed! So I deleted all the .dat files and started afresh.

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    That was gonna be my suggestion. Corrupted .dat files are a pain in the ass. You should have just put them back one at time and fired up k-lite until you found the bad one(s). It was prob just one file causing all the fuss.
    Glad you fixed it though.

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