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Thread: .avi's

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    several times I have downloaded .avi 's that come in 3 or 4 bits about 150 to 200 MB long as if someone has chopped them up using a program similar to "Easy Video Splitter" .
    The problem is with a lot of these .avi's is that you cant scan through them to a specific point in the movie , the program just freezes then closes as if something is removed from the file while splitting it ,
    What I would like to know is there a program that will join these back together again so they will work again properly.
    I tried to do it in "windows Movie Maker " but it could not read the files which would not scan. Easy video splitter could not read them either .
    Any ideas anyone ?

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    It sounds like you have a few bad frames

    VirtualDub can fix this

    download and 'how to remove bad frames'

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    Cheers mate thats a canny program,
    I had 4 parts to this film 2 peices were OK but the first two were not scanning , the first part I put through the virtual program came up with hundreds of faulty frames so I could not do much with that one , but the 2nd part I opened into VD and it rebuilt the index file so that one now works.
    The main problem I had was to be able to scan the section of film so I could see if it matched up with the next part , this prog lets you scan through or even watch the film Its only problem is it wont veiw in full screen .

    Does anyone know of a program similar to this one with a full screen veiw that will veiw damaged .avi files and scan them frame by frame.


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