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Thread: Frogger Swampy's Revenge - Demo

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    I have a demo of Frogger 2 Swampy's Revenge on PC.

    My daughter can only get to near the end of the second level (with all the ghosts in the room) She can't get the last baby frog or the last coins.

    Anyone help ?

    PS are there any more levels aafter this on this demo ? It came on a shareware magazine CD. She just loves it.


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    Has no one got past this level ?

    Come on guys - please

    I expected heaps of experts on this board !
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    Considering the game's pretty old and it's a kids game, I doubt anyone here's played Frogger Swampy's Revenge. Might check GameFAQs though, they might have an FAQ on it on how to get past that level.


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