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Thread: The End Of Kazaa Lite?!?!?!

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    As we reported a few days ago, Sharman Networks have shutdown Kazaa Lite K++. Now they are proceeding with the next step. The German magazine Chip reports on their website that Sharman currently locks out Kazaa Lite users from their FastTrack network. This is possible by doing a version check, because the latest Kazaa Lite version was based on an older Kazaa client.

    The developers of the Kazaa client finally use technical ways to lock out users of the adware- and spyware-free "Lite" software.

    Access to the FastTrack network is still possible, but neither can those users connect to supernodes nor be a supernode themselves.

    As a consequence there are only few users and files available for download. Out of 2.6 million users, one will only be able to contact about 3,000. Further problems concern lower transfer rates, endless waiting and aborted downloads.

    I guess this will be the end of Kazaa Lite and I would not be surprised, if Kazaa slowly dies too. Many users will not use the original client because of the built-in adware/spyware. But most of them are probably not willing to pay for the official spyware-free version either.
    Is this true? If so does this mean the end of KaZaA Lite? And if it is - are there any alternatives to k-lite?

    (the site is btw&#33

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    That's old news , Kazaa Lite is alive and well.

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    Originally posted by sharedholder@19 January 2004 - 19:21
    That's old news , Kazaa Lite is alive and well.

    Which Klite version? Resurrection, 2.4.4 etc? Which one allows me to connect to supernodes KMD 2.6 clients?

    Where can I really download the best version?

    Thanks a newbie

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    Use K++ now!

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    haha, you can only contact 3,000, yeah right

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    7 downloads right now...none slower than 40 KB/s, 2.4.3 hmmmmm.... 3,087,685 users sharing 4,114,560 GB.

    I'd say Im still a believer...

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    Originally posted by lamalite@19 January 2004 - 12:07
    Thanks a newbie
    We can already tell. You didn't have to tell us.

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    Still, which K Lite version is recomended. I'm using 2.4.1. and its fine.
    But is there anything newer? Or is the 'old' news about sharmans programming 2.6 to not allow K-lite users to connect BoWgus?

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    Why are people so intent on using a dying network like kazaa(Fasttrack), use other better programs.

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