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Thread: They Never Tell Us The New Rules!

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    oky heres teh Sign rule :

    490X150 , right??? well my sig is 420X150 , at 1st mine was 420x200

    but i changed it 2 420x150 now they took it off and said that it can only be 100 kb?

    whats next? whats the hole fucked up rule im going crazy ! they keep pushing me around my sign obayed the rules and they added a new one Just 4 me , ahhhhhhhh wtf is the hole rul so i can fllow , so my fucked up sig dosnt get deleted for the 3rd time ??? i dont get it they tell me to make it small , and i made it small now they say take off some thing 2 make it's waight less hwo do i do that??????? i read their rules and it said it has to be 490x150 and i fllowed ??? whats missing i read the threat by the admins , modfiyers, founders,global admins/modfi,..... they all say teh same "490x150"

    so whats teh deal ??? with teh new rul that they never toled any one?

    and im just asking why , and whats the full rule , and im not trying 2 get kicked out!
    guess what......... No!.....
    t:bomb has been planted
    ct: bomb has been defuzed!
    Game: Counter-terrorist wins!
    ----age:18 over cartoon funny pic---------
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    How many times do We have to tell You?
    All info about Avatars / Signatures here

    Total filesize for avatar and signature images can be at MAX 100KB TOTAL

    The total size of Your signature can be at MAX 495X150 pixels:

    btw ~> moved


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    and closed, BOT did answer it, ooh and test these rule didn't change since you've signed up


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