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Thread: To Make The Point

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    Jan 2003
    There are frequent complaints with regard to moderation. Almost entirely unjustified in my opinion.

    What would chaps think of a period (say 24 hours) without any moderation. Anarchy on the board and so forth.

    To demonstrate what it would truly be like without any rules, or more correctly people to enforce them. The rules would stay, just no moderation of offenders.

    I am more interested about what people think of the concept, than actually doing it. What do you think would happen.

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    May 2003
    As long as it's alright with you, boss.

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    FuNkY CaPrIcOrN's Avatar Poster
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    Oct 2002
    Louisville Kentucky

    Ohhh that would be funny.

    Actually.I would do the same thing I do now.

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    Nov 2002
    Without people to moderate or enforce the rules would of course lead to a great increase of SPAM and flaming i guess. No-one to ban IP's or warn members would of course result in the same effect too.

    But i also wonder if in the end, after a long time maybe, some sort of equelibrium would occur. Maybe if we tried to ignore spam and flaming then it would calm down on its own? Doubt it, but its a thought though.

    I have no problems with the moderation here... maybe one or two Mods i dont get on too well with, but the moderation of this board works well at least. B)


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    uNz[i]'s Avatar Out of order
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    Mar 2003
    I think folks who have have issues with the mods would probably come back and have a field day.

    We'd all be at the mercy of ex members like *gasp* HYPO would RUN AMOK sharing thoughts openly all over the board in an orgy of empathy, the likes of which no mere mortal can imagine, or survive.

    No. It just doesn't bear thinking about. PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. NO

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    he does that already
    I just avoid his threads like the plague

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    uNz[i]'s Avatar Out of order
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    Mar 2003
    So do I... it's when you stumble across him in other peoples topics that you have to fear him.

    He lies in wait like a landmine.

    Edit: typo


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