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Thread: How Do You Tell Between What's Real Or Fake?

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    i don't think i've heard of an ass implant or something.......but with boobs.........sometimes it's hard for me to tell the difference between the real ones from the fakes......i used to think that if they were HUGE, then they're obviously fake, but that's not realy true , cuz it is possible for a chick to naturally grow fat ass breasts i guess........but really, what common or simple things do you guys see or notice to know for sure that it's real or fake from just looking at it?? i find the japanese big boobed chicks are hard to tell too!!

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    Real: They hang

    Fake: They look like two pert footballs

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    Real: Wobble, look nice and are very soft

    Fake: Don't wobble, look like footballs and feel like footballs, plus they usually have stretch marks underneith

    So next time you're out and you see a woman with big boobs, just go upto her and squeeze them, tell her it's a science experiment

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    but you know with all the japanese chicks, i see them ALL HANG.....and i can't believe all their boobs are that big!!

    and when you go up and squeeze a fake boob, what happens, they don't pinch in? or somethinG?


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