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Thread: How To Download Good Quality Mp3's

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    For non advanced users


    What is Blubster ?

    For Music Only

    The way Blubster works is to use basic peer-to-peer structured software without a central server, running a private UDP transport protocol: The MP2P Protocol. This system allows a userís identity to remain private, which makes all the file-sharing process completely anonymous. Over 2 Years after its inception, MP2P has proven itself as a super-scalable and ultra-fast network.Blubster is a lively and open online music community, and you are part of it.

    Easy-to-use and user-friendly
    The fastest searches, the fastest downloads
    Multi-source and autoresumable downloads
    Unlimited scalability
    Totally decentralized, anonymous network
    Brand new internal player
    Hot List/Buddy list
    Chat and Voice chat
    Advanced searches
    Collection and playlist manager
    Web links support, SHA-1 Hashing

    Users on-line 23-01-2004


    Download Clean Blubster from here :

    Download Clean Blubster

    If you have problems installing the clean client , just get the oficial client and read this guide :

    Using the oficiall client

    1.Download and install Blubster.
    2.Start the proggie and begin to download a song.
    3.When the download is finished close it and run ad-aware or spybot.
    4.Kill everything you find.
    5.Go to add/ remove programms and you will see a proggie called MySearch ,uninstall it.
    7.Run ad-aware and kill everything you find again.
    8.Enjoy tons of free music without any fakes.

    Blubster website

    Blubster Forums


    For advanced users and for full albums Soulseek.

    Soulseek is a free ad-free spyware-free p2p program good for music. Soulseek comes with some features that no other p2p program even comes close to. Soulseek is very good for downloading full albums as users can share folders for their albums. Soulseek also has a neat easy to use interface which you can make it the way you want it. It shows all the chats that are available so you can go in and search member's files to see if they have the file you want. Soulseek does have a good selection of songs to choose from but as I can see Soulseek does not have multi-source downloading that other p2p networks have.

    Soulseek has other neat features like the wishlist so if you cannot find a file you can add it to your wishlist and it will tell you when the file is available. Soulseek is a good p2p program to have around if you like to download full albums and music.

    Official Soulseek Home Page :

    Soulseek Website

    Soulseek FAQ

    Soulseek users don't start to flame!

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  3. File Sharing   -   #2
    You can also find lots of full HQ albums via Bittorrent.
    Have a look in the music section of
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