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Thread: Telecine Movies That Don't Play

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    I have downloaded various films (this has happened a couple of times...), I press play and I see the "divX" logo fade in and out, bit then - nothing.. Black screen..

    This seems to happen regardless of what player I use..

    What am I doing wrong?

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  3. File Sharing   -   #2
    what media player are you using

  4. File Sharing   -   #3
    I've tried both Windows media player 9 and my divx player - which I just updated..

  5. File Sharing   -   #4
    seems like you need videolan which you can download if you do a searh the web or yahoo and you need k-lite codes packs

  6. File Sharing   -   #5
    Hmmm.. no that didn't work.. Interesting player though!!

    Ever had this problem?
    What is the k-lite codec??

  7. File Sharing   -   #6
    codesc that you need to view movies. ,,hold on for a second while i go get it fo you

  8. File Sharing   -   #7
    just click on anyone of the links in it will dl the codecs packk-lite codec packs

  9. File Sharing   -   #8
    if none of this works , then its a fake file

  10. File Sharing   -   #9
    Thanks for that.. Still shows up as a black screen though.. Do you reckon the movie file is a "dud" ?

  11. File Sharing   -   #10
    what the movie called and how large is the file.. need more info on file

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