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Thread: Hi Guys

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    i just downloaded a 76 min long mixe of all the best techno , dance music from 2003

    but the only problem is theres a few tunes in it that i really like but i wanted to know of any way i could like record just the parts out of the mix i like and save them



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    Afronaut's Avatar Xenu
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    Feb 2003
    Look for Steinbergs WaveLab 4, version G or H , im not
    sure which is the latest, but you will be able to edit
    your audio files with it.

    Its a good app.

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    Rocktron's Avatar Poster
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    Dec 2002
    Den Haag, The Netherlands
    Yeah Slinger is right.

    I use Soundforge and just cut the parts i like.
    And use that option many times when i record a DVD rip. (Manually yep&#33

    Select the part you like and cut it, and copy (paste) it in a NEW file, and save it. (as .mp3 192 or higher.)

    So.. the answer is yes.

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    ok thx Rocktron and Guitar-Slinger

    great help B)


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