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Thread: Random Nut Read This!

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    I actually found out about Kazaa Lite by accident when I was searching for the newest version of Kazaa on regular Kazaa. some of the files in the search result said Kazaa lite vx.x.x. I was curious so I downloaded it and installed it. Since That day (it was over a year and a half ago), that modification of Kazaa in my opinion has been the greatest P2P app ever. Of course there are still some problems such as non 100% file hashing. I wish true devlopment of this program didn't stop. All these Dev's out there should come together and create like the ultimite Kazaa lite ever. RANDOM NUT if you read this, note: even though you and the people you worked with were offically shut down to create Kazaa Lite doesn't mean you can't Unoffically release it (by means of just leaking it to people that will leak it to the board or wherever on the web). Since you and your team would probably want to put your nicknames on it, you would maybe have to change your nicks but still in the end you would be continuing the progress of development. I'm so sick and tired of these so called new updates of K-Lite. (they aren't even real updates to the actuall program, just updates for the tools). I wish I knew how to do develop because if I did, I would hook up with some people to get some real progress done. Random Nut please continue your great work!!!!!!! (also to Rocko and everyone else that has contributed to K-lite, good job to you too) FUCK Sharman Networks for their bullshit. Also damn them for not changing the source for hashing to make it 100%. If they did that, it would eliminate all fake files being mixed with the real files. the only problem then you would have would be all the fake files being on the network by themselves. Anyway please bring the Offical Kazaa Lite client back!!!!!!!

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    Random Nut doesnt work anymore on Kazaa..
    He only made a new tool to modify kazaa 2.6 into a lite version.

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    RN's loaders (K++/ KLR) are techniquly legal

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    Don't worry Random Nut You are just human . and you should
    know we are all with you I don't know if you read this.


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