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Thread: Pc Monitor Adapt To A Laptop....

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    Is this possible
    k-lite experts I have pavillion Xh555 laptop and I would like to add a Computer monitor to it ? :helpsmile:
    Do I need a specific monitor o any monitor would work ?

    Thanks in advanced..

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    Look at page 15 of the manual here:

    Notice the item 23. VGA port (external monitor)... Just connect a monitor there.

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    you may also have to enable it under display settings, and depending on type you may only be able to use either laptop screen or monitor, or some u can have both on at same time

    edit: its page 16

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    the fast way normally is connect it and
    fn + f4 or f5

    ifnot go via display settings \ advanced

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    Case Close
    Great info Guys, everytime I ask something in this great and educative Forum I get awsome pro anwser.

    Agaian THANKS


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