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Thread: Delete Windows Media Center Edition

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    Hi I got Windows xp Media Center Edidtion and I put the Operating system on the same partition as the one that I have my windows xp Home edition. I need to to get rid of Windows Xp Media Center Edition off that partition.

    Does anybody know how to remove an operating system on the same partition?

    thanks in advanced

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    delete all the system files. You should never install multiple o.s. on the same partition anyway. During the install windows should have warned you of that.

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    yea you have a mess on your hands
    oh well you can always format /c

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    I deleted the system files but when I boot up my computer it still makes me choose between Media Center and home edition. This Wouldn't be a problem if the Home edition was hilighted so it automatically loads home but Media center Is highlighted so it automatically loads media center(and it can't load because it doesn't have any system files).

    So I am basically asking if there is a way to take off the choice for media center when booting up?

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    Edit your boot.ini.

    Just delete the Media Centre line et voila.

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    Where is the boot.ini file located

    I tried searching for it and I couldn't find it

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    its hidden and read only its located at c:\

    try using msconfig and editing it there its easier.

    or attrib -h -r -s boot.ini will make it editable with notepad.

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    Originally posted by monkeyman1@25 January 2004 - 15:18
    Where is the boot.ini file located

    I tried searching for it and I couldn't find it
    Right click the my computer desktop icon and select properties. screenshot I posted is gone

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    I was wondering if any of you guys could help me get my MCE installed.. i got the one of kazza and cant get it installed


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    Just go to the control panel and select "system"
    Then select the "Advanced" tab, and select "Startup and Recovery"
    From there, you can choose which line of the boot.ini file the system will look at first, and you can disable having a choice at bootup. It's safer than editing the file by hand.

    BTW, if you do edit it and screw up. You won't be able to boot your system again. You're gonna need this:
    It's a diskette utility that will allow you to boot into a system with a screwed up boot.ini file and fix it by hand.

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