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Thread: [just Some Fun] Bride Ru - A Little Mafia - Cool!

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    Attention: This is just fun!

    Marriage Guaranteed.

    Thank you for your interest in subscribing to our Marriage Guaranteed
    Service. The following information describes how and why this service is the
    best choice for anyone looking for a Russian bride:

    1. The client receives personalized VIP service, a special file is created
    to handle the criteria of the client.
    2. The client may choose any lady from our website for direct or translated
    correspondence. We will make sure she gets your letter first and foremost.
    Also, we will arrange any meetings when the client decides to visit Moscow.
    3. Our Mafia Section has a well organised structure. Our Network reaches nearly
    every part on earth.
    4. What if the bride don't want to marry you? We can organise that as well.
    We have weapons, nice people, and the power which guarantees each
    5. What happend with your money? All your money will be spent as donation
    to the richest families in our Network. So, thanks for your support.
    If you make big donations, we can offer special services like, look down.

    Special Services

    For our special offers call our free numbers: letters should be numbers.

    0 800 - I NEED A FAST KILLER.
    0 800 - I NEED TROUBLE.
    0 800 - FAST CREDIT.
    0 800 - ANY ISSUES.

    Our Callcenters are working hard 24/7 a week, but as we are on holidays
    nearly the whole year, that may take some time.

    Our fee.
    The fee is $10,000 US ($5000 up front and $5000 after marriage)
    IMPORTANT: If you don't pay, we will sent our ppl to you and ask you to pay.
    We are not responsible for our people.

    Evgeniy Ovcharenko - Director


    [unknown member]
    CEO of the well organised Mafia - Headquarters Maryland.

    Gdansk - Mailand - Paris - London - Nuremberg - Berlin - Warszawa -
    Moskau - Tokio - Cayman Islands - and much more...

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    I dont get that at all

    ahh well another post to add to the stats i guess

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