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Thread: Massive Amount Of Fake Mp3 Files

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    Hi all,

    maybe I'm just too dumb... but since yesterday 99,9% of those mp3 downloads all sound the same. I mean, they all play back the same song...
    Hey, and I can't believe, that allmost every single user uploading files is a cheater (like 999 out of 1000?). Somehow that seems to many to me. Did I download a program, that alters all those downloads on the fly, thus replacing them somehow with this particular same song?

    Is there a way to avoid this kind of bull? Any plugins? Anything at all.

    Well, thanks so far


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    preview them or use verified files

    you can also try mp3 checker go here for that

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    I think you should spell out exactly what you've installed, and what you have done step-by-step. I can't make sense of what you have written...


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