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Thread: Cant Get Rid Of This Paltalk Thingy, Pleas Help!

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    ok, i installed the paltalk, later on i uninstall it, but then, when i restart my comp, the paltalk icon on the taskbar (at the bottom right corner) still there, and also when i loging in the windows, a Dos windows pop up loading something ( all i can see is OGM.dll and SVChost.exe), then i try to run the icon on the taskbar, but nothing happen, then i open the Task Manager, and i find out that its name it there is 0004433.EXE, then i search for that name, i see it and i delete it, and i thoug it gone now, then i restart my comp, same thing happen again, and that 00004433.exe still in my comp.

    so if yal no something pleas share it, tankz alot

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    get adaware 6.0 , spybot (which are freeware ) and do a trojan scan just to be sure

    edit : i should have checked what paltalk was but i was to stoned for that
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    Q. How do I uninstall PalTalk?
    A. In order to remove PalTalk from your machine simply go to your windows control panel and select ADD/REMOVE Programs and inside your programs list find and select PalTalk and click Remove.

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    Geez... if it simple like that then i wouldnt hav to ask yal


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