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Thread: Know Any Good Pc Shops?

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    Does anyone know any good pc shops in london? and if so could you tell me there site. Im looking for a motherboard and the only sites I know are and which have little or no motherboards.

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    thanks mate Where in london are these shops?

    Ive just realised, this is american, I asked for shops in london

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    they aren't based in London but possibly ship there. I purchased my board from Tiger Direct both both websites have them. They are good sources to find manufacturers also.

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    oh, I actually want a site where I can look for what I want, then go there and buy it. Id rather not order online.

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    Ok, if you change your mind, here is the info page at TG, here is the info page on international orders I have had good luck with this company.

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    Surely theres users who live in london?

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    There are but in rip off london all the good shops are online
    i have been all over london but the best shops are online (sad fact )



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