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Thread: Audio Cd's

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    I've been burning cd's which will no play on normal cd players but will play on computer cd rom. What am I doing wrong?

    The burn software I've tried is MM Jukebox, Easy Audio CD burner and Nero. They convert the mp3's to cda's so it's not the conversion.

    Any ideas? thanks...

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    Some cd players can not read cd-r's
    they pretty much have to be ancient though....
    what cd player are you trying to play it on? and have you tried on more then one cd player?
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    Originally posted by kaiweiler@27 January 2004 - 22:32
    they pretty much have to be ancient though....
    Some new car-stereo's and cheap "all-in-one" home stereo's also suffers from not playing CD-R's I've noticed....

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    actually tried burning same music (off cd which didn't work in car&#33 with itunes on a mac and it worked on same car stereo cd player. Unfortunately don't always have access to that mac. So doesn't look like cd-r's... I'm gonna try Nero 6 now, hopeful that'll work, otherwise I'll be back... could there be some setting I need to change? I usually leave it on defaults.

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    DO NOT BURN at full speed try it at say 8x then try and play the cd in other equipment, for one person I know I had to cut at 4x inorder for it to work (had a sleep while it was doing it).

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    are you sure ur burning as audio? not data?

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    def audio, not data. Will try burn at low speed. sound like a good idea...

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    did it work?
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