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Thread: Hey, I Need Some Suggestions

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    hey, i'm trying to gather in some good instrumentals from songs that have good bass and stuff....but also a good beat to them......i was wondering which songs out there that you guys have heard that sounds nice on the instrumental side and maybe suggest some here.... i only have a few recent ones that i found were good......that twista song and the new chingy song.....but i need more....any suggestions? if you've heard of those songs, then you probably know roughly the type of beats that i might like... i guess the music genre doens't matter too much.well.....maybe, i've found that hip hop instrumentals are a little cool.

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    DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World or Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt

    Unkle - Be There

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    cool....this is good stuff...thanks.....damn.....i should've put this in the lounge's goign to take forever to get people to reply to this.......

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    Check out St Germaine. Everyone should!

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    okay cool cool..more more.......or what's the right exact keyboard to type in to get the good ones when you run a search on kazaa, i don't want to just get any....just the favored ones....

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    Aphex twin

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    St. Germain is great. You should also try Sven van Hees...... Very good....

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    Originally posted by Zedaxax@1 February 2004 - 12:53
    Aphex twin

    man, can you put up the original picture!! it was looking good scrollint up from below , and then the face.............EWWW


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