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Thread: Death Of Kazaa?... Bollox Is It!

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    Just wondered what people thought of this. Ive been using kazaa lite for years now, and like everyone else have been through all the worries when it started to look bad, but the crash never seemed to happen. Have i missed something? Alrite, download speeds dropped for a while a couple of months back, but ive always been able to at least download recent stuff. and the last month, the speeds have been excellent (besides which bt/emule/mirc are too damn slow for 56k). Anyway, even if speeds and sources slow down, can we really complain, bearing in mind the quality of the products we are getting for f*ck all?

    So, to cut a long story short, why has the great crash never seemed to happen? of is it the hardcore users like us who keep it going regardless?
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    i think people have been mildly over reacting of how bad the kazaa network is, and one person&#39;s paranoya if you will has caused everyone else to think the same way if you know what i mean
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