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Thread: Stopped Dl-ing B/c Hd Out Of Space!

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    I was dl-ing an m-peg file and ran out of space on my hard drive. Can I continue dl-ing the file b/c I still have a dl-ing file in My Shared folder. I don't know how to get it to start dl-ing again. Please help!

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    Come on! Isn't there a Mod. or something around here who knows the answer to this question? I know this has happened to someone else. Is this fixable?

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    it will not start downloading until you clear up some space on the hard drive.

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    That was the first thing I did, but it didn't start Dl-ing. You see, it's not in the Traffic window anymore. It' s only stored in My Shared folder. How do I get it back into the traffic window to start dl-ing again?

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    It's possible that file has bcome corrupted when you HD ran out of space, and that may be why it is not in traffic any more.


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