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Thread: Virus!

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    I think i have the "W32/spybot.gen" virus. ive tried to get rid of it but it disables my antivirus software, regedit and task manager. im running off XP and i cant restart in safe mode. i was using norton and whenever i opened it, it would close in a couple of seconds. ive tried almost everything and my comps still acting up. please help me.

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    if that dont work ill reformat my HD.
    sucks thoe cuz all thoes files you have to get all

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    thats why you do partitions. i have 320gb all together and i have it split into 6 or 7 partitions. so if i need to format windows i only lose windows.

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    Try to remove it with NOD32 stand-alone antivirus scanner, or Microworld Antivirus Toolkit both are free no instalation nedeed.

    Edit : Here its another one free scanner and remover .

    McAfee AVERT Stinger 1.9.8

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    Perhaps an online virusscanner like can provide some help for you.


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