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Thread: Hosts.sam Not Working :(!

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    As you may know there is a file called "hosts.sam" in the c:\windows
    directory which redirects DNS Names to IP adresses.

    But this file does not work on my Win98 (SE) - I tried everything I know,
    but it still does not work - I want my computer to redirect me on
    when I am browsing offline ""?

    I have typed in the HOSTS.SAM and HOSTS file: localhost

    Please help me, I know this worked one time for me - I do not know
    why now it is not working properly. Now it show me when I am offline:

    Any kind of help would be gladly appreciated

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    HOSTS.SAM is just a sample HOSTS file
    HOSTS file must be all CAPS (for the filename not the contents)
    in win98 you need to reboot for the changes in HOSTS. to take effect

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    it's the file 'C:\Windows\HOSTS' no file extension

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    Sorry, it was my fault - I thought I saved with TextIt the entries in HOSTS, but
    it automatically saved as *.txt. I now changed it successfully.

    Have a look


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