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Thread: Don't Stfu - Each Thought Counts.

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    I don't like the intention of the image where Kittens are being killed
    everytime you did not shut the fuck up. So here is my answer:

    What did you say?


    1) SPAM
    2) You small f***, STFU - I am to tired, I want innocent
    people to die.
    3) is irritating, please help me!!!!! In this case call 0800 30 1215
    4) I think this should not give up coffee drinking, this is the
    result: weird and confusing thoughts when not drinking coffee.
    5) Wow, serious thread.
    6) Other: ___

    Or this:

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    #1 please
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Do you mean this seriously - I mean is this your serious thought while
    reading this?

    Sometimes when I read something I write what I am thinking.

    And I don't really know what to think now?

    But, ok - it is your thought - and also if it is hard for me - each thoughts counts.

    The worst thing what can happen, is that thoughts would be not mentioned.

    Can you explain what gives you this feeling?

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    This post isn't bad.

    But with your other nonsense posts you are beginning to annoy me

    so in short

    <span style='color:black'> I am a part of all that I have met - Lord Tennyson</span>
    <span style='color:blue'>Try not to let your mind is too small and fragile to be out by itself</span>

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    Originally posted by January 2004 - 16:41
    6) Other: ___
    6) Other: Do what said.

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    Originally posted by January 2004 - 17:26

    Sometimes when I read something I write what I am thinking.

    Hmmm, only sometimes?


    BTW, I don&#39;t think it&#39;s fair to blame the coffee ( or lack thereof...).
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    I think i feel more sorry for the kittens

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    l haven&#39;t mentioned this before, in fact l have purposely not done so. But now l must., you are, without a doubt, the most annoying prick this board has ever seen. No-one has been told more times to shut the fuck up than you. You then come back with even more crap. Do you post here just to annoy people? Because that&#39;s what you do, you annoy the fucking shit out of us&#33; If you&#39;re so concerned about other people&#39;s thoughts, stop trying to fill their lives with your demented outpourings. Go see a psychiatrist&#33;

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    Originally posted by Evil Gemini@29 January 2004 - 19:46

    I think i feel more sorry for the kittens
    MAN>...i feel sorry for mike, ever since that one fight against evander with him doign that......people all over can make easy cracks with him..........

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    6) Other- refer to my signature.
    The color of this signature is really blue. If you see otherwise, please adjust your monitor settings.

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