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Thread: Help!

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    I've downloaded xp pro Corporate but when I try to run it I get an error!

    says it's not a valid Win32 application!

    HELP please peeps.....

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    Are you trying to run the disk from within an earlier version of Windows? Have you tried a clean install (booting from the CD)?

    That error makes no sense. If you're running from within windows, then maybe the disk or disk image is corrupt. Like the setup executable that begins the installation maybe....

    Perhaps a little more info may be helpful.

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    my guess is that it is really an image, renamed to an executable, in which case it would need to be renamed back to an image and then burned or mounted...just my guess but that&#39;s what it looks like to me

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    step 1 a: if it is an iso&#092;bin use nero or something like that to burn it and continue to step 2.

    step 1 b: if it is a zip&#092;rar&#092;ace&#092;other compressed file then extract the contents then burn them to a cd and continue to step 2.

    Step 2: then leave the cd in teh drive and restart and assuming your bios are set to boot from cd then it will say press any key to boot from cd, rpress any key then it will start setup where you can choose to format and install.

    good luck.


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