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Thread: Universitys' Router Problem.

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    I have allready read the FAQ but in my case, I can't find where to place my IP and therefore also the IP of the Universitys' computer (that I'm connected to).

    I'm using a modem 56k but after almost a week (I swear&#33 I now am sure that that's what's causing the problem.

    GREAT! Problem identified!... AND NOW WHAT???

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    2 Questions:
    Are you connected to the internet BOTH through the university's router AND your 56k modem?

    Or are you connected to the internet through the university's router which you connect to using your 56k modem?

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    The second.
    Meaning I'm connecteing to the University with the 56k modem and through the University I get connected to the Internet. (A whole lot cheaper...)


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