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Thread: .bin And .cue

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    ok firstly soz if this is in wrong bit.
    ive downloaded film with bit torrent n ive used win rar to extract it so im left with two folders svcd disc 1&2 both with.bin and .cue files in.
    i want to now burn them to a svcd ive tried using nero to do this but when i try to add the files i just get an error message saying somet bout mpeg 2???
    :helpsmile: :helpsmile: please where am i going wrong am i using wrong burning software. i understood that u needed both .bin and .cue file to burn to svcd i have them but somet wrong somewhere???
    thanx in advance

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    were you trying to burn a data disk?
    Because those are CD images and they burn differently.
    Ok, the easiest way is to go through Nero StartSmart and hover your mouse over the "Copy and Backup" menu and select to "burn image to disk", then select the .cue file, and that should be it.

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    cheers 4 that mate i was trying to burn as svcd sussed it now it works thanx again

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    Originally posted by lol23@31 January 2004 - 21:21
    cheers 4 that mate i was trying to burn as svcd sussed it now it works thanx again
    i think svcd is only for mpg or video formats not data


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