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Thread: Return Of The King Nocd Patch

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    May 2003
    Toronto, Canada
    the patch that came with the downloaded game (deviance) gives me this error after i complete the first level with gandalf:
    An error has occured and Ro TK cannot continue.
    Code C0000005 at 004801F9.
    The Lord of the Rings(tm); Return of the King(tm) will  now exit
    i tried the fixed deviance patch and that one fixed the error but i get too many experience points. i get ten times as many as i am supposed to get. at the end of the first level my character was at level 3.

    i tried another patch which only allowed me to play as Sam.

    Is there one that gets rid of the error, gives you the normal amount of xp, and allows you to play with any character you want?

    If you have an answer, please do not post it here. PM me instead.

    thanks in advance

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    Feb 2003
    do you have the PROPER cd?


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